Little Splasher (6 months – 7 years)

baby swimming

Baby Swimming with mum or dad (6 months - 3 yrs)

Learn to Swim Levels: Crab - Octopus (3 - 8 years)

The first journey our little ones will take within the LITTLE SPLASHERS program, is in our baby swimming classes. One parent or carer who the child trusts, will be in the water with the child. Your little swimmer will begin learning to enjoy the water, before trusting the teacher. Children will learn slowly with games and songs lead by our coach. This will progress until they can grow to the point where they can swim alone to the parent, 3m away. At 3 years old we prefer the child with out mom and dad in the pool, sometimes this can happen a 2.5 yr if the child is very comfortable in the water. This second level in the "Little Splashers" journey is called crab level. If your child is 5 yrs and still super scared of water, they would be placed within this beginner group with other younger children who may have had lessons since the baby swimming class, in order to gain enough confidence to move to the next level.

All classes are 30 minutes long, focusing on technique and stroke improvement. Little Splashers has 5 levels in which they will reach. Children will learn the necessary skills for front stroke, backstroke, diving, and forward roles. Those beginning breaststroke will change and upgrade to the FAST FINS program, where the will learn breaststroke, butterfly, and begin to swim greater distances. Our 45 mins and 1-hour program is generally for those who can swim all 4 strokes, or at least all 3, and will be learning butterfly, as well as improving the other strokes at an advanced level.

Make-up classes for all our students. We offer make-up classes @ Sukhumvit, soi 31 should your child miss any classes, please contact the office to arrange these.

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Little Splashers

Mom and Baby class (with Mom or Dad)

@ Sukumvit Soi 31 warm pool - Saturdays 8:30 -9:30



Term 1 (17 weeks): Aug 21st - Dec 16th, 2023

Location Duration Term Fee Trial Fee
Soi 31 30Min 10,400 B 700 B

Term 2 (13 weeks): January 8th - April 5th, 2024

Location Duration Term Fee Trial Fee
Soi 31 30Min 8,500 B 700 B

Term 3 (10 weeks): April 22nd - June 28th, 2024

Location Duration Term Fee Trial Fee
Soi 31 30Min 6,500 B 700 B


All our programs are term-based but we welcome swimmers to begin at any stage of the term and we will pro-rata the fees.

Please call our office on 02-258-8085 so that we can find a suitable class for your child
Our classes are designed by level, rather than just by age category. To help us find an appropriate class for your child, we will need to speak with you. ENROL NOW
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