About Us

about us

The Ideology and Founders

"We provide the necessary Skills to build your child's body, soul and self-worth"

Children, born able to swim, need to hone those inherent skills, building strength, confidence, and self-image. We help children grow and improve their skills through the fun of swimming, an ideal non-impact exercise environment.

LETS ASIA is a merger of eastern and western values and ideas. Maki Nemish (formerly Ando) founder, teacher and mother is Japanese, trained though the rigors of the Japanese systems. She is joined in LETS with Damon Nemish a Canadian who has lived in Thailand for 18 years teaching swimming part-time or full time for 20 years.

LETS ASIA has gained valuable experience and expertise by blending the two systems of teaching swimming. FUN is the back bone of all our courses and allows the children learn without thinking of it as work.

Now with 8 Qualified and professional staff instructing in English and Japanese we are the largest international swimming school in Thailand



Maki Nemish

Maki Nemish

Maki, a former swimmer who held the Record for the 100m and 200m Breast stroke for over 5 years in Kyushyu Japan, has 30yrs of teaching experience. She is licensed by the Japanese Ministry of education, the Health ministry of Japan, and the Japan Swimming Association with - C levels. Through all the above ministries Maki is allowed to instruct other instructors how to teach water activities: including, maternity, aqua exercise, rehabilitation and swim classes up to a junior Olympic level. Maki also studied with Mr. Rowdy Gains, US Olympic Gold Medalist 1984 to further grow her repertoire of techniques. Maki is fun loving, great with children and her experience is invaluable to LETS professionalism and mission in Thailand.

Damon Nemish

Damon Nemish

Damon, an accomplished Triathlete, came to swimming later in life. Starting swimming properly when he was 20, he learnt through coaches, books, and swimming alongside 'real' swimmers. After 3 years of watching and learning, he was good enough to earn a spot on the Canadian Long Distance Triathlon Team. Once in Thailand Damon quickly realized there was a void of qualified teachers dealing with sports, who also spoke English. Then teaching swimming came naturally. Now 20 years later his light hearted nature, and skill with children is what LETS ASIA is about.